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A Studio Apartment Vs. A One-Bedroom Apartment In Fishers

September 29, 2020

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As you start your search for apartments in Fishers, you will find a multitude of layouts to consider. Let’s assume that you expect to reside alone or with a roommate. If this is the case, you might be leaning toward either a one-bedroom or studio apartment.

One-bedroom layouts feature a separate space for you to sleep. By comparison, studio apartments house all your eating, sleeping and living areas into a single oversized room. Each choice has its benefits, but what is the smartest choice for you? Let's explore the differences between a studio apartment versus a one-bedroom apartment.

Reasons for Choosing A One-Bedroom Apartment In Fishers

Model living room in a Fishers apartment.

Like the name states, one-bedroom apartments have a separate room for resting. This grants you more privacy, especially if you have another person living with you. Are you wondering about the other advantages of a one-bedroom apartment in Fishers?

  • Close your door to shut out noise from the main living space.
  • Separate rooms for sleep time and playtime.
  • You have extra space for your personal items.
  • Distinguishable spaces make decorating easier.

Reasons for Choosing A Studio Apartment In Fishers

Model studio apartment in Fishers.

A studio apartment has a bath, but the rest of the area is one room. The sleeping, dining, and living areas are incorporated into an uninterrupted living environment. But beyond the flowing, single-room layout, you have additional benefits to a studio apartment.

  • One area means you save time cleaning.
  • Lower payments on utilities to heat or cool one room.
  • Ideal when living alone.
  • Save on monthly rent without needing a roommate.

More to Consider For A Studio Apartment Vs A One-Bedroom Apartment In Fishers

Even after knowing the key differentiators of studio and one-bedroom apartments, you may have trouble deciding. For instance, a studio apartment has more privacy limitations than a one-bedroom. If you have a roommate, significant other, or even a pet, it's difficult to find your own “me time”. Your only choice shouldn’t be to escape to the bathroom. And, when you have friends over, your company might use your bed as a sitting area.

On the other hand, studios are more efficient. If you can live without separate rooms, you can get out of bed, grab some breakfast, and get to work in a matter of minutes. Studios are a breeze to clean, and can save you money in heating and cooling. With more reasonable rent payments, a studio could be great for people who view apartments as simply a place to get some sleep for a couple of hours.

Find An Ideal Apartment For Your Needs

Open kitchen in a Fishers apartment.

The best way to break the indecision between a studio apartment vs. a one-bedroom apartment in Fishers is to explore the great choices at Spark Apartments. Call one of our knowledgeable leasing agents today at 463-210-1702 or click the "schedule a tour" button. We'll be happy to show you around and help you find the right apartment.

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