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How To Find Pet-Friendly Apartments in Fishers

If you own a dog or cat or are thinking about getting one in the near future, you’re going to need to locate a pet-friendly apartment in Fishers.  Unfortunately, “pet-friendly” can actually be a bit misleading. Unfortunately, the term “pet-friendly” doesn’t share the same meaning from complex to complex. Some pet-friendly apartments might really give you the option to have a dog or cat, but place restrictions on breed or size. While other Fishers apartment complexes offer additional accommodations for your dog like dedicated dog parks or provided waste disposal bags.

With such dramatic differences in pet-friendly apartments in Fishers, what criteria should you use to locate the one that fits your needs?

Begin By Reading Over The Community’s Pet Policy

Family walking with their dog on neighborhood trail

A community is only as welcoming to pets as the apartment community’s pet policy. The pet policy goes over the guidelines you must follow in regard to pet ownership. Some policies are open-ended and permit you to keep any pet. Some don’t allow certain different types of dog breeds. Others may put limitations on the number of pets, size or weight. And some other policies forbid dogs altogether and only let you have housebound cats or small animals such as hamsters.

Very few apartments restrict the types of cat breeds allowed. It’s more common for a community to have a policy that places limits on the number of animals that are permitted in one apartment. There are often additional costs associated with your pets, such as higher rent or cleaning costs after move-out, or a non-refundable pet deposit due at move-in.

A pet policy with a lot of conditions doesn’t necessarily mean that the community isn’t “pet-friendly”—as long as you fit the parameters. But if you own a dog such as a Great Dane or an American Staffordshire Terrier, or are parents to a whole bunch of playful kittens, you should carefully read over the pet policy before signing the lease with the community.

Take A Look At The Amenities For Pets On Your Tour

Picture of dog park in our Fishers apartment community

Just as you would view the pool on your tour, be sure to check out the pet accommodations. Designated dog parks give your doggie the opportunity to burn off excess energy and make some new puppy buddies. Stations with bags for waste disposal, trash cans, and water bowls keep the community clean. Some complexes even have playdates or grooming discounts for furry four-legged residents!

Although these accommodations for pets look perfect on paper, the actual test of their friendliness to pets is how carefully they are cared for. If the place for dogs to play is covered with weeds and brambles, then it’s basically unusable. Communities that welcome pets make sure that waste disposal bags are regularly available and that the trash cans don’t overflow. Basically, when you arrange your tour of the community in Fishers, make sure that the pet amenities are maintained as carefully as the accommodations for the human residents.

Check Out A Number of Reviews To Discover Pet-Friendly Intangibles

If you can’t determine whether a complex is pet-friendly or not, make sure to check out reviews on the Fishers apartment. Many people who live in apartments see their fur-babies as a significant part of their family and willingly share the good and the bad of living in a particular community. You might learn that maintenance comes prepared with doggie treats to pass out when entering your apartment for a service call. Or that the complex’s office hosts a pet adoption day with the humane society. You probably are safe to put those in the “friendly to pets” category.

Apartment reviews will also be able to tell you of the communities that won’t give back deposits when you move out because of costs associated with pet cleaning, or the ones who demand excessive monthly rent for dogs and cats. Just don’t let one single negative review affect your decision, but if you notice a lot of displeased dog or cat owners, then you may think about looking at another apartment.

Spark Apartments Can Be Your New Place To Call Home In Fishers For Both You And Your Pet

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